March 11, 2012

Reality is Healthy

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‘Reality is Healthy’ is my new health and food blog!

I’m really excited to get to share my food and kitchen experiences with others, and see how others adapt the same recipes I use to make new and different meals! Now and again I will also throw in some posts of workouts that I love, and what I find most effective.

First, I would like to pimp out a website that I use very often, and I swear by it. Its called This website has tons of different ingredients that can be used to make eating clean easier and even more delish. Its the perfect website for people who live in the US (free shipping on orders over $20) or people living in other countries ($6 dollar shipping on orders under 4lbs). I love this website because where I live (Norway) eating healthy can be VERY expensive. iherb also allows me to buy things that have yet to come to my country yet (stevia: i love you).

For people who have never used the website before, you can use this code, ZUG220, when you checkout to get a $5 dollar discount ($8 in March only!) on your first order. Unfortunately, if you have already used iherb, the discount cannot be used, it is only for new accounts (think smart here). I repeat, the code is ZUG220.

I hope you guys enjoy my blog! And I would very much like to read other health blogs, so recommend away 😀