About Me

My name is Lene, and Reality is Healthy is my version of a food blog. I just want to clearly state that I am not a nutritionist or health expert. Everything posted here is what I have experienced, or what I have read from real health specialists.

I’ve always been a little sceptical about eating clean and the health food circuit, because I always thought it would take something away from the most important thing about food: the taste. Slowly I have come to learn that this is about as untrue as saying 1 + 1 = 1. If anything, some of the food I have come across since I started eating clean has been better than what I used to eat.

Confession time. I am a total chocolate nut, and dessert is my favorite meal of the day. What I mean is, this blog is by far not 100% hardcore, only healthy foods. Sometimes I like to splurge and make traditional treats, but they will always be adapted to the best of my ability so that they are at least a little bit healthy. I have learned over time that it is not enough to just eat healthy food. You have to enjoy what you are eating or the benefits will never be enough.

I got the inspiration to create this food blog from a friend of mine. We are constantly comparing notes about new ideas for meals, and new workout plans. I thought it would be fun to put our ideas out theres for others to see, and adapt to suit their own tastes.  So feel free to use anything I post as ideas for your own recipes, if you do I would love for you to share your adaptations with me!

As a side note I would like to mention that I am an active, 22 year old woman living with psoriatic arthritis and a chronic skin disease, psoriasis. This is something that has effected me since I was a young girl, and I would just like to say that, since I started to eat clean, I have never felt better. I never thought that what I ate could have such an effect on my sicknesses, but it does. So if there are other people out there living with arthritis or psoriasis and feel like they have tried everything out there, try changing your diet. This is something that was (unfortunately) never recommended to me by my doctors and that I had to find out for myself, but cutting down on carbs, sugars, gluten, dairy and red meats helped me a lot. I’m not saying you need to cut them out completely (now and then I love to eat a nice steak and baked potato), but limiting these things have helped me to feel tons better.


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