March 18, 2012

Sweet Potato Fries

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In my last post I wrote that sweet potato fries are the perfect side dish for filled zucchini, so I figured that I would share the recipe that I adore. Today was the perfect day to make them, because I have been feeling very snacky and we have all that corned beef and cabbage sitting in the fridge, screaming for me to eat it, but I managed to keep away and stick to my fries (which are just as delicious in their own way).

The best thing about sweet potato fries is that they are healthier than normal fries, they have more flavor than normal fries, and they are super, duper easy to make!

Sweet Potato Fries


2012-03-18 13.00.42

Sweet potatoes washed, not peeled (I used 4, about 1 potato per person)

Extra virgin olive oil

Your favorite seasoning (I used lemon pepper and fresh chili powder)


First things first, set your oven on 225 C (450 F).

Scrub you potatoes as best as possible, since we are keeping the skin we want them clean. I like to keep the skin because that’s where all the vitamins and fiber are. If you don’t like the skin, peeled potatoes work just as well.

Then just cut the potatoes anyway you like; in strips, in cubes, in wedges, it all works. Try to make sure that they are about the same thickness, but if they aren’t its not that big of a deal. Personally, I am not a good potato cutter, so mine are never really pretty, but they still taste amazing.

On the first batch, lightly coat you baking sheet with the virgin olive oil. We are going to put some on top too so you don’t need too much, just enough so they don’t stick.

2012-03-18 13.21.37

Pour a little olive oil in a bowl and add your spices. If you don’t want to add spices and just want the potato flavor, skip the olive oil on top (it will also make for crispier fries). Then take a basting brush a lightly coat the fries. You should only fit about one potato on each baking sheets, or else they won’t bake well. 2012-03-18 13.22.32

Then set them in the oven until you have your desired crispiness. I like mine soft so I leave mine in for about 10-15 min. On the following batches, there is no need to put more olive oil on the baking sheet if you use the same one.

2012-03-18 14.25.06



  1. Vinny Grette said,

    my kidlets love sweet potato fries – and so easy

    • They are easy, right? I used to hate sweet potatoes as a kid, not because I ever tasted them, but because I refused to eat a potato that was called ‘sweet’ hehe. I’m glad I got over that!

      • Vinny Grette said,

        Oh yeah – also, sweet potatoes are complex carbs – not like regular white ones that go directly into sugar… so good for you!

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