March 11, 2012

Sour Coated Grapes and Chocolate, Sea Salt Covered Bananas

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So the past couple of days I have been visiting my parents and my sister. They live about 10 hours away from me, and with me being in my final year of my bachelor degree, I don’t  usually have much time to come visit. I was, however, very lucky this semester. I had almost 2 weeks free between the end of my internship and the start of my bachelor thesis, so I have decided to split the days between my sister’s house and my parents’ house.

Now, me and my sister share somewhat similar ideas about eating clean. We often share recipes, blogs, and send each other pictures of our concoctions all the time. My parents on the other hand, not so much. My mom will eat it if its made for her, my dad on the other hand likes ‘real’ food. So, as you can imagine, I eat a little more unhealthy here than I normally eat at home. Its kind of nice though to have my mom making dinner again, and enjoy the desserts regardless of what they are made of, all the while knowing its only temporary.

Now that I’m done with my little introduction as to why I’m posting another two less than healthy recipes, I’ll get on to the good part.

Sour Coated Grapes:


2-3 large bushels of grapes

1 large box Sugar Free Jello Lime or Lemon Flavor


Super easy. Dump the packet of Jello into a bag. Rinse the grapes so that they are all wet. Then dump the grapes into the bag and shake. Added bonus, jump around the kitchen to some music while shaking the bag to burn some extra cals, and get out some excess energy. After the Jello is distributed over the grapes, either put them in the fridge or freezer to chill. Personally, I adore frozen grapes, so I let mine sit in the freezer for a couple hours before I enjoyed, but leaving them in the fridge is yummy too.

The best thing about these are that they aren’t even that unhealthy.

10 green grapes is about 34 calories.

1 serving of Sugar Free Jello 10 calories and that’s  1/8 of the large packets.

2012-03-10 19.03.44

Chocolate, Sea Salt Covered Bananas


1 Dark Chocolate Bar (mine was 100g)

2 Medium Sized Bananas (7 in. long), chopped into coins

Crushed Sea Salt


Break the chocolate bar into chunks and place into a bowl. You can go one of two ways here: either put the bowl in the micro wave in 30 second increments stirring thoroughly each time until there are only a few chunks left that will melt by the heat of the already melted chocolate, or prepare a water bath and float the bowl with chocolate in it allowing the chocolate to melt slowly. I chose to use the water bath, because I am slow at the whole dipping and dunking thing and the chocolate doesn’t harden again if you leave the water bath simmering.

After you have melted your chocolate, dip the chunks of bananas into the chocolate until they are covered and then place them on a piece of parchment paper. If you want, you can then sprinkle some sea salt on the top. Keep doing this with all the chunks of bananas.

Once again, you can place them in the freezer or in the fridge to chill. Frozen bananas have a very special taste that I love, so I left mine in the freezer for a couple hours before enjoying.

The calories here are a little steeper than in the sour grapes.

One medium sized banana is about 105 calories.

My chocolate bar was 500 calories per 100g (so the whole bar).

2012-03-11 18.49.04

I like to eat these for dessert. But not both the grapes and the bananas at the same time, or all at once. The good thing about freezing them is that they can last awhile, so you can spread the calories over a week or more!


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